I'm just a coffee-loving, Gilmore Girls obsessed, mug collecting girl from Ontario, Canada. I love all things outdoors from camping to hiking to watching the sunset on the beach. I'm a romantic at heart, okay? I have a strong eye for detail and I can sometimes be a perfectionist - I prefer the term, "precisionist." I'm addicted to chocolate, I'm pretty crafty (not the scheming kind of crafty; although I am a Slytherin 😉), and I am NOT a morning person! 

I'm Gillian

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This or That


Night Owl




Night Out

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Night In

1. Nothing brings me more joy than buying plants and succulents!
2. I love ALL foods with potatoes.
3. I've chased a bear through the woods in the middle of the night before (don't ask...).
4. I'm super scared of spiders.
5. I liked the ending of How I Met Your Mother (sorry, not sorry). 

Random Details

Food:  Perogies

Starbucks Drink:  Strawberry Creme Frappuccino

Rainy Day Movie:  Jurassic Park

Season:  Summer

Outdoor Activity:  Camping


Fun Facts

Photography has been a hobby of mine for nearly a decade. I got my first small glimpse into the world of photography when I joined a photography youth group ten years ago after receiving my first camera as a gift from my parents. Since then, I've upgraded my camera (several times) and in my free time I love to experiment, take pictures of my family and friends, and tag along on my sister's dates as her (unpaid and hopefully not stalkerish) photographer! 

My two favourite parts of being a photo editor: ONE, I absolutely adore seeing the incredible images I get to edit (far more beautiful than I could ever take)! And TWO, I love getting to know photographers on a personal level and making real connections. 

I can't wait to get to know you and your business and become part of your team!


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